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    Tore down a brake caliper from my road bicycle last night.

    It was fairly jammed up and was not re-opening after applying the brakes.. (5 years old) I figured it would need to be replaced so why not take it apart.

    I was pleasantly surprised to take it apart and find out it is made like a gun... completely rebuildable, not a single part that is not resistant to corrosion, etc.. built to last forever with maintenance..

    Cleaned it all up, greased it, put it back together and it is like brand new... very satisfying in this age of disposable plastic crap.

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    nioce. I love when things can just be torn down and rebuilt. one of the rasons I like the old Jeeps to much. The body is all metal so if you break something - bend it back or weld it together. something wrong with the engine - just fix it. no computer to tell you that you can't so something. I can unrestrict the airbox and don't have to worry about the O2 sensor throwing some code.

    Just don't hit the front brrake too hard now that you've rebuilt. Although the story about you going over the handlebars may be kinds fun to read

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