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Seeking smart phone advice

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    Re: Seeking smart phone advice

    I've only paid for 2 apps, Locus Pro and Torque Pro. Of course they go far and above their asking price as far as functionality. But generally you can find free Android apps that do general tasks just as well (if not better than) paid apps.

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    Re: Seeking smart phone advice

    As far as Apple vs the rest of them...I've been running Samsung and Apple side by side for a few years now. The Samsung is my work phone and the Apple is my personal (I insist on keeping work and personal life separate). I use both equally as I grab whichever one is closest at the moment and both have almost the same apps with a handful of exceptions. The only difference is calls made on the Samsung are work related and calls made on the iPhone are personal.

    I know many people in the industry with credible backgrounds who argue on both sides of the debate, but I also know many who argue right down the middle. Through my own personal experience the answer is they are about the same. Actually, I have consistently had MORE problems with my iPhones than the Samsungs. One of my iPhones crashed and it's more common for me to have issues with the apps on the iPhones. The Samsungs have been relatively trouble free with the exception of a few minor glitches.

    I was at the store a while back dealing with an iPhone issue and the tech working with me said there's lots of people on "his side of the counter" buying into the marketing hype on both sides of the debate but he has seen no reason to say one is better than the other generally speaking.

    As far as quality of construction goes (materials etc.)...I'm really easy on my stuff so that has never mattered to me, but it may be something you should consider.

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