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Shillings Top Ten Secrets

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    Shillings Top Ten Secrets

    Top Ten Secrets To The Boston Red Sox Comeback presented by Curt Schilling

    10. Unlike the first three games, we didn't leave early to beat the traffic.
    9. We put flu virus in Jeter's gatorade.
    8. Let's just say Pete Rose made some phone calls for us.
    7. We asked Pokey Reese to be a little less pokey.
    6. It's not like we haven't won a big game before--it's just been 86 years.
    5. Honestly, I think we were tired of hearing about the Patriots.
    4. The messages of encouragement Martha sent on prison napkins.
    3. We pretended the baseball was Letterman's head.
    2. What'd you expect--we have a guy who looks like Jesus!
    1. We got Babe Ruth's ghost a hooker and now everything's cool.

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    Shillings Top Ten Secrets

    lol.I heard him saying that on the radio this morning...too funny

    best lettermen top ten list in a long time...

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    From my experience, its the natural red heads (aka gingers) that have no soul--- I mean are crazy.

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