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Shutter Lag digital camera

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    Shutter Lag digital camera

    WTF who has a recommendation for a

    point and shoot digital with near film
    camera shutter lag

    I have young kids and dogs and by the time an image is formed they're in bed.

    I can't take snaps if the shutter lag would be more than like 1/10 th second my crap camera seems to be more than a whole second

    any suggestions

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    Shutter Lag digital camera

    I had the same problem. What I found out was the button can be pressed half way down, this freezes the auto focus, then when you full press, she clicks the shutter. Still sucks though, not enough response compared to an slr.

    Rice rocket or benvfr would be good resources for this.

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    Shutter Lag digital camera

    If you want it to be really fast you're going to have to pay out the nose and probably get a DSLR.

    There are some nice tricks you can do with a point and shoot to help though.

    Due to the small sensor & lens you don't have to worry about the focus a lot..

    Here is what I do with my point and shoot to minimize the issue

    1) Zoom ALL the way out and move in closer with your feet (Any camera) - This reduces your need for a faster shutter speed

    2) If you have modes like Av, Tv, etc..

    Set the camera to "Av" and open the lens all the way. (Make the "A" value as small as possible) This will force the camera to use a fast shutter speed.

    3) Set the camera to manual focus if possible and just set the focus to a distance like 5 feet. Due to the way the lens works you should get sharp shots without adjusting the focus. You may need to experiment with setting different focus distances. If need be I can help you calculate the ideal value.

    If you do this the camera should be much more responsive since you are bypassing the autofocus... kids should not be a problem, Dogs can move damn fast but you should still get some good shots.

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