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skier /snowboarder??

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    skier /snowboarder??

    Looking to head up to do some skiing up north or even local.. I'm in RI..
    Learning how to ski after 12 years since i did.

    I hit wachuset today and did fine on the green slopes... and light blues

    Snowboarded 2 years ago and could handle the light to medium blues... but was not extreme...
    anyone interested in carpooling or such?? i'm laid off and can go anytime..

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    skier /snowboarder??

    I will be trying to go snowboarding a lot this year.

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    skier /snowboarder??

    Well, we don't ski too much, but being in Concord, NH we are much closer to the mountains than you. We like eaiting, drinking, and company, so if you want to go out in this area, let us know, maybe we can work something out....

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    skier /snowboarder??

    I went skiing Saturday and it was great. Today I have the choice of meeting the group for skiing in the sleet and rain, or staying home and watching the Pats and drinking beer. Which to chose...

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