Tiger Wood ethnic background.

"describe himself as 1/8 white, 1/8 American Indian, 1/4 black, 1/4 Thai, and 1/4 Chinese." (Whyte, 1997)



any sociology major can summarize the topic below for me? final tomorrow.

1) american class system (all set with this)

2) gender stratification - equality vs. patriarchy ( allset with this)

3) stratification based on race/ethnicity (dont know this)

4) stratification based on age (dont know this)
- graying of America?
- median age in 1900 was 25 and in 2050 will be 45? based on norms and values?
- baby booms generation (1948-68) did not replace theselves and live longer?
- Retirement ratio was 4:1 and now 1.5:1 ( yep we're running out social security soon)


- family; issues of family evolution in America

- education; a look at modern world, no child left behind, cost per child per yr, tierary ???, surplus resources, etc.

- social change; how society change over time.