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Sox game tonight...

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    Sox game tonight...

    well... i said the sox were gonna win tonight 6-4
    they won 8-3

    i said pedro was gonna get relieved by timlin in the 7th
    he got relieved by timlin in the 8th

    i said timlin was gonna get pulled for Faulk
    he got pulled for Myers & it was Myers got pulled for Faulk

    so close, so close

    just pissed the Wankees won it in 12

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    great game

    rally monkey WRENCH....

    Sox 2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Suf Daddy

    Time for the cherry picker on Lansdown STreet.

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    Suf Daddy.

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    Sox game tonight...

    when did the sox get Kevin Faulk? Oh, you meant Foulke just bustin on ya.

    It would be nice to see them get the sweep and be well rested for the ALCS. It looks like the Yanks and Twins might have to battle it out

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    Sox game tonight...

    I fuggin LOVE games like that! Nail biter into the 9th, then BAM! Open that bitch up. Good NEW tag-line, Suf! "The Rally Monkey WRENCH!" I'm gonna look into getting oh, about 8 million shirts printed up...

    It was a great game, indeed. I like 'em coming into Fenway for what could be the decider. I like Aroyo on the hill next. I think it'll be wunna his shining moments. I DON'T like Anaheim being such a strong 'road team'. I DON'T like them having such a strong, scrappy line-up...

    ON another note, I LOVE the fact that the Yanks are having to duke it out with Minnesota. Minnie's a relatively young team that strives on a series like this. I don't think New York's aging hired guns can keep up the long, drawn out games like that. Minni on the other hand, thrives on 'em. You could see it in their eyes last night...

    I could go on & on & on. Man, I LOVE October ball!!!

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