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Sports Memorabilia

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    Re: Sports Memorabilia

    Quote Originally Posted by Bonk! View Post
    So, here we go again! Cleaning out the basement we found three more balls. All three are signed by entire teams, two are pre-World War II (Braves and Cardinals) and one is signed by the entire Fisk-era Red Sox. The first two look brand new, and Stan Musiel's signature is clear as day, which is kind of cool. The Sox ball looks like it was played with (though I deny having anything to do with that as a kid). We'll probably auction that one off for one of my wife's fund raisers. I've asked the expert in TX who helped me with that Ruth ball if these are worth authenticating, but I'm 99.9% sure they are the real deal.
    Need any help cleaning that basement?

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    Re: Sports Memorabilia

    had to haul out a lot of soggy carpet rolls and solidified bags of concrete to find those!

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