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    The best way to get them out AND minimize the chance of catching lyme disease is to dig into the point of contact with a set of small tweezer, and pull out the buggers by gripping onto the head and pull with a slight twisting motion. Make sure not to crush the head or else you chanced infection.

    Some people coax ticks out by using strong smelling chemicals like alcohol or tiger balm. Some even try to burn them off with cigarettes. However, the problem with the chemicals and heat is that sometimes it causes the tick to literally vomit into the wound, possibly spreading lyme disease.

    Do NOT use heat or chemicals.

    I stick to OFF or military DEET.The stuff you spray cloths and let dry.The military shit is to strong for the skin and will rash up if your imune system isnt use to it.

    What repellents do you use when camping?

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    Anything with DeET is the way to go. But like you said, some with sensitive skin my have a reaction to it...

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    Dude? What's up with the tick post???? lol

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