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Tom cruise lost his mind

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    Re: Tom cruise lost his mind

    Here is an explanation of some of the Scientology terms... from someone that has left the church, so to speak.

    Some pretty interesting terms/definitions.

    Scientology® Terminology Index

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    Re: Tom cruise lost his mind

    a training routine involving two students; one is to sit silent, unblinking and unmoving, while the other does everything s/he can to get a reaction. The receiving student must simply accept whatever is done to him or her, in what is basically a lesson in passivity. The stated purpose is to train the student to be unresponsive to a PC's (preclear; a person receiving Scientology "therapy") originations during the auditing or "therapy" session. "The noise next door is coming from the students doing their bullbaiting."
    ...lot of that going on here....

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    Re: Tom cruise lost his mind

    Quote Originally Posted by DucDave View Post
    ...lot of that going on here....
    Bullbaiting sounds like a great premis for a porn...anybody else with me???

    Giggiddy gigiddy GIG-GI-DY!

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    Re: Tom cruise lost his mind

    millions of years ago space crafts from a distant galaxy placed funnels over volcanoes and deposited "humans" on the planet and the rest is history. Sound like a B movie? L Ron Hubbard was a what before he was Tom Cruise' god? Yup, a sci-fi writer.

    I love the M/impossible music in the back round though, too funny!

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