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This Town Suck's

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    This Town Suck's

    I saw this on 20/20 last night. These Cops will pull U over for nothing and make up shit as they go. Thank god I don't live there.


    They have a section were people write in about there experience with the cops,FUNNY SHIT. One of the stories, A Ladie got pulled over in the line of a Dairy Queen drive thru,Now thats bad.

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    This Town Suck's

    .....i saw the same program.....besides being totslly F`d up...what also gets to me is how did things progress to that point....i thought this was the usa..not some 3rd world ass wipe dictatorship......it blows my mind that the town has gone this long without some kind of legal representation....i guess thats a good example of small town corruption.....pretty sad...and it pisses me off

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