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Tractors - Educate me

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    Re: Tractors - Educate me

    Quote Originally Posted by nhbubba View Post

    Taylor Rental in Rollinsford doesn't seem to have much in this respect. Just walk-behind yard maintenance type equipment.
    East Coast in Kingston has some stuff I think.
    I think Chappell in Brentwood may have equipment for rent.

    Who else? Remember I am an uninsured, joe-blow homeowner. Not a licensed contractor.

    Dealer I bought the machine from did not rent implements.

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    Re: Tractors - Educate me

    19 hours on it now. Absolutely love it. So glad we went with the 4701, I love the larger size and increased power. Im sure at 20 hours I should probably go through and grease a ton of shit.

    Haven't even gotten close to getting stuck yet, no need for chains at all.

    Rear mount blower is a bit of a pain, but it is SO nice having the bucket still to move banks and back drag.

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    Re: Tractors - Educate me

    Quote Originally Posted by xrocket21 View Post
    Im sure at 20 hours I should probably go through and grease a ton of shit..
    Buy a Lock-n-Lube grease coupler for your grease gun. It makes things go much faster. With the backhoe attached, I have somewhere in the vicinity of 50 zerks so any time saved adds up quickly.

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    Re: Tractors - Educate me

    I resisted buying that expensive grease coupler. I should not of. Well worth whatever they charge for it. I will probably own a cordless battery powered gun before I am done. Way more of a chore than I realized.

    I hear you should check every single bolt as well. I had a number of loose-ish lug nuts and one loader nut that took some torque. I pain penned mine after that first tightening and nothing seems to be moving now.

    I seem to be having trouble keeping oil in the front axle already. (Under 30 hours.) Not sure where the hell it is going because it isn't on the floor of the garage.

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    Re: Tractors - Educate me

    liking he L&L guns and attachments.

    Multiple fittings.

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