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New Work Vehicle

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    Re: New Work Vehicle

    It may be worth looking at light cargo vans again to see if their ground clearance will cut it.
    Nissan NV200
    Ford Transit Connect - nice option, the rear doors open 180 degrees
    Ram ProMaster City
    MB Metris

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    Re: New Work Vehicle

    Quote Originally Posted by Point37 View Post
    i kind of wish they made a longer jacked up honda element...that would be ideal i think...pull the rear seats and make the back rugged...actually i have no idea what the depth of the rear space is...it may be perfect...i just wish they still made them
    Honda Elements are kinda the best vehicle ever sold in the US. Sadly, the limited amounts that came here are in such high demand you gotta pay out the ass or wait until your grandparents die just to get an old car with a ton of miles. Kinda like an 04 R32, but not a piece of shit....I still occasional browse craigslist for one though.

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    Re: New Work Vehicle

    My recommendation is Dodge Ram 1500 truck, it's not much expensive compared to other trucks, have a great towing capacity, avail in both diesel engine and petrol. I am using its next model Ram 2500 with desiel engine for a towing service in Queens and very impressed with its performance.

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