Viking Powers
Granted vikings are not as cool as ninjas, but once I saw this viking and he was PISSED! I realized he had REAL ULTIMATE DRUNKEN RAGE and he was eating cars and kicking like crazy. Then as I was watching he grew three times his normal size and might I add his normal size is large! It was so awesome I almost dropped a number three right there! Then the viking started kicking and the townspeople started screaming!!!

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(7/9/02 1:17:59 pm)
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While Vikings (being all out berserker frenzy people with horned hats and long beards) are so not ninjas (ninjas being the ultimate paradox, careful and meticulous/not giving a crap), they do happen to be very much so cool.

There's this one dude in my osteology lab named Jeremy, but his real name is Thor and everybody knows it. He's this big dude with long blonde stuff growing out of him, and he always walks around the lab breaking 5000 year old human remains open and shaking them out over my sandwich and stuff, which is awesome.

Oh yeah, can you guys still study to be a Ninja if you've eaten human remains? No reason, just posing it like hypothetically.

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(7/9/02 2:15:16 pm)
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sweet, dude. it depends if the human remains are the remains of some really dumb 5000 year old pirate, or are just the remnants of a 5000 year old banana cream pie. ive heard that these can look pretty similar when viewed in the right light.

my girlfriend has the same name as a viking goddess, so i can confirm that stuff to do with vikings is TOTALLY SWEET. but theyre no ninjas.

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(7/10/02 7:09:25 am)
Re: Viking Powers
Vikings do have power, Real Ultimate Sucking Power. The 1st part of your opening sentance before the comma answers your question, so I guess that means you knew the answer all along. Vikings are big burly men travelling the sea on voyages of thumping and stomping and drinking and pillaging. Very similar to pirates, but they can still beat a pirate, as pirates suck the hardest.

Viking goddesses? I'm not sure about that one.
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(7/10/02 10:08:22 pm)
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Dude, I bumped into Thor (jeremy) today on campus.. he's in a class of mine (they make you take 9 summer hours here to gradumecate, sux0rs I know..) and he totally didn't suck on anything during the conversation.

He brought up that people might at first mistaken Vikings for Pirates, but we eventually determined that while similar on the whole nautical theme level, each class of people goes way deeper, and gets more and more different from the other the more you read into them.

First, Vikings are big, and are never robotic. Pirates are medium sized, and often are robotic. (wooden legs, bionic arms, eye patches that hide lasers.)

First, Vikings eat sauerkraut (yum), Pirates don't eat it. They get scurvy if they stay out to sea without raping and plundering for too long.

First, Pirates often board other people's stuff and rape them in the middle of the ocean, which is gross. Vikings make landfall before they ever whip it out, unless it's to "take a slasher" (go pee pee) over the "gunwhales" (gunnels) of their ships.

First, Vikings can use little knives, swords, big two-hander swords, hammers, clubs, AXES (very ultimate), and pirates as weapons. Pirates are limited to knives and swords (cutlasses and stuff mostly, kinda cool, but like I said LIMITED.)

First, Vikings don't give a crap, which is half of the Great Ninjic Paradox. pirates give craps all the time. in fact, if anybody anywhere ever anywhere near a pirate were to wail, the pirate would give a crap in his pants, then maybe "splode." (explode)

And finally, first, Vikings wear pointy hats (not like the Nazis either, these ones have two horns instead of just the one. don't be fooled by this ratio, as real vikings are way more than just twice as cool as real nazis). pirates don't even wear hats. most of their free time is spent in bandanas. sometimes they wear those dinky little three cornered hats, but that's hardly a hat at all. i.e. No horns...

in summation, two words: Val Halla