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Vision of hell

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    Vision of hell

    I got a glipms of hell tonight.
    Riding 2 up with wifey , cranking through the local twisties having a grand old time.
    Round the corner, and I see the cop coming down from a side street, luckily his radar was mounted forward on the dash and I was able to scrub off speed just as I sailed by him.
    Here is the Hell part. He followed me on a twistie back road speed limit 25 - 30 . For what felt like for ever.

    I hate those small town cops that have nothing better to do than make you go the speed limit.
    Doesn't he realize that I am on a race replica bike and the riding position is meant for speed, not speed limit

    Yeh I know, i'm lucky to have been followed for 5 or 6 miles and not pulled over for doing 60+.

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    Vision of hell


    *disclaimer, i take no responsibility for my words or thoughts after mucha cerveza.*

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