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Warranty and transmission crapped out

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    Re: Warranty and transmission crapped out

    Quote Originally Posted by black View Post
    So my sister is currently stuck in stamford ct ( she's from philly)

    Indpendent mechanic says her 2015/16 Nissan rouge transmission is shot ( cant get the exact details but sis says its about a 4k repair)

    She only has 26k on the clock, powertrain is 5 years/ 80k
    Serv mgr where she bought it says it wouldnt be covered as it was purchased 5 years and 6 months ago ( 6 months out)

    I brought up escalating/ corporate to him on the conference call and he said that may be a possibility ( good will gesture by corporate) but a Nissan dealer would need to ensure that the trans is shot and no other issues are causing the slippage

    Outside of towing it back to original dealership outside of philly, having OG dealer review it and getting corporate involved. is there are any other angles to work? to leverage the trans to be covered?
    ( I see that they may try some correction, and it will work temporarily but the issue will resurface, surging, wont go into reverse, clunking per my sis)

    She doesnt want to drop 4g in the car but....... she might be able to get her money back if she does with this used car market ( even through the original dealer on a new car perhaps)

    any insight is appreciated
    i just had this happen with my wife's 2014 maxima (see the posts #217, #219, #246, #265, #266 in the link below)...get the code...i'm pretty sure nissan won't service their transmission parts...it's pretty much if it throws any type of transmission code they want to replace the whole thing...they wanted to charge us $4800 for her transmission and it was a P1778 stepper motor code...cost me under $100 to fix myself with youtube but i dumped the car right away through carmax cause i had read that the nissan cvts are notorious for going around 100k miles (her car had 133k miles at the time)...and thus my next car will not have a cvt unless it's one of the toyota style planetary cvts mentioned here...hoping my 2013 subaru legacy with 194k miles (with a cvt) can be stretched a little longer


    edit: missed the updates cause i didn't read through to the end and didn't look at the dates on the thread posts

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    Re: Warranty and transmission crapped out

    Quote Originally Posted by Kurlon View Post
    On their Hybrids yes. Also, seems like everyone else's push belt CVTs are solid compared to Nissan's. What makes that real interesting is other brands use Jatco CVTs, but it's only Nissan's that are shit?
    Subaru had issues with their CVTs when they first started using them in the Outbacks, Crosstreks etc...
    KIA had crib deaths in a lot of their IVT's in the 2019 Forte and 2020 Soul. I've seen numerous examples of those fail before the first oil change. One as low as 600 miles.

    My guess would be Nissan has more issues because of the programming they use to run the things and Nissan owners have a different driving style on average compared to Toyota/Honda owners.

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