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Wheelbarrow comparo

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    Re: Wheelbarrow comparo

    some things just don't work, FEL bis awesome, but can't drive a tractor into the basement and have the bucket right at the woodstack like a wheel barrow

    same for dump carts , also, while dumpcarts work great on established trails and smooth ground, those wheels might come to an abrupt stop where a sled will slide over the obstacle, and the dumpcart it behind the towing vehicle instead of in front of it

    sometimes there is no substitute for a lowly, manual labor, wheel barrow

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    Re: Wheelbarrow comparo

    I remember in NYC watching construction guys with a 1 wheel wheel barrow literally jogging down a
    road made of a single 2x4

    In the winter I used a toboggan to move wood, 1 house we could just pull it onto a low porch and done

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    Re: Wheelbarrow comparo

    Got a flat on my wheelbarrow and one tube is trashed. For reference, tube is 3.5” x 8”.

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    Re: Wheelbarrow comparo

    Quote Originally Posted by Stoneman View Post
    I have the True Temper 8 footer, plastic with two wheels too. I really thought I *NEEDED* it for lugging firewood from my piles to the house, to a lesser extent just basic yardwork.

    First off, hate it. The tub is too deep, and after using a conventional wheelbarrow my entire life, I find the two wheels counter-intuitive. Even hauling firewood down my backyard to the lake and whatnot. I bought it the beginning of the summer and haven't used it too much for lugging firewood across the yard yet though. But I just can't get used to the feeling of NOT being to "articulate" over terrain, uneven turf, etc. I find it even harder to maneuver it around than the good ol' single wheel.

    On the other hand, it's great for hauling yard debris & whatnot, and it's great for chugging the garbage bags out to my truck.

    Looking back, I feel I should have gone with the steel tub as I have a suspicion that in frigid northern New England temps the plastic tub may crack if we're too rough tossing firewood in it. And I'd without a doubt go back to the single wheel set-up.

    I was like a kid in a candy store when we bought it. Giggled like a prom girl putting it together and couldn't wait to give 'er a run. Within minutes I knew I made a mistake. Let's hope it ain't no Craftsman!
    Well...still not digging this thing. With my back, it's a bitch getting those last 10 or so pieces of firewood out of the fuckin' thing. Thank goodness there's still one midget still living with us. The bright side (for now) is we haven't cracked the poly bucket yet. Knock on wood.

    Quote Originally Posted by martia View Post
    Get a tow dehind wheelbarrow like this.
    I have the 17 cubic foot dump cart Jon Deere. It's great for hauling firewood around the props & what not. But with the short wheelbase it can be a bitch to back up, especially where we have to back it up to. Although that one remaining kid probably wouldn't mind so much if we used that method!

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