I have a set of woodcraft rearsets on my 06. They are gp shift.

i do not have the shift rod anymore.

I picked up a nicer set from a racer buddy of mine.

It will have one new peg on the left side as there was some damage on it.

Or you can save a few bucks and run the one thats on there. It isn't shorter than usual but it is ground in on an angle a little bit. I never really noticed the difference to be honest

225 with the new left peg (its the new breakaway kind they sell)

215 with the stock peg

FYI its 360 plus shipping for these new

price includes shipping but not the paypal fees. If you want to gift it and save yourself the 3.5% (almost 8 bucks) that works as well.

All prices include priority flat rate shipping with delivery confirmation.