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1996 KTM 620 RXC

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    1996 KTM 620 RXC

    The RXC is a street legal dual-purpose 620cc single cylinder bike. It's in very good shape and runs great. Less than 2,500 miles, all dirty. This is a big, powerful bike and definitely not for everyone. But for the right person it is a great bike.

    I'm the second owner and haven't ridden it much, which is the main reason for selling it.


    There's not a lot of to RXCs compare to, but this price is lower than the others, it has less miles, and it looks to be in as good or better condition than the others.

    + Quicksilver II carb
    + Ohlins shock. The carb and shock were apparently the weak points in the stock bike and the original owner addressed both issues.
    + All lights and horn work and it has older, but working, battery so it would probably pass inspection (no guarantees).
    + Center stand
    + Clean title

    21" DOT knobby in front, 18" in back. They're old as dirt, but still in decent shape. I've got new front and rear inner tubes, and a few other parts like oil/air filters.
    Chain and sprockets are original but probably have plenty of life left in them.

    - It's kick-start only, no electric start. It has a compression release lever, but this is a 620cc thumper - it will kick back!
    - The engine gets hot quickly when you're not moving so you'll want to shut her down if waiting more than a minute or two. I think this is a common trait for the RXC.
    - It starts great cold, but can take a few more kicks to fire up when it's hot. Maybe I just never figured out the secret to hot starts.
    - There was a small tear in the seat. I patched it with a vinyl repair kit.
    - The stickers are starting to peel off a little but can probably be glued back on.
    - One of the bolts for the skid plate broke off and needs to be extracted.
    - The flash-to-pass button is broken but fixable.
    - No side stand

    PM if you're interested or have any questions.

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    Re: 1996 KTM 620 RXC

    Lefty kick start 620 single....love it!!

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