I know there are a few guitar players on here so I figured I'd throw a post on here besides CL. I am thinking of selling my 98 Gibson The Paul SL. The Paul SL is a thinner ( 1-1/4" thick body), carved top LP with a slight belly cut that was made for ~2 years in the late 90s.

It's cliche but as much as I love this guitar I am just not playing it enough and would rather see it being used more often. Overall it's functionally in great shape but as you can see in the photos it's been played a lot and has various nicks, dings, and scratches all over the body. There was also a neck break (not in the usual spot either, at the heel) at some point before I got the guitar but it was repaired well and has never given me any issues. You can see this in the photos. Currently the toggle switch in the "normal" location is not wired up and one has been added in place of the neck tone pot, I've liked this better and never used the neck tone pot anyway but will include the stock pot if you want to add it back in. The neck pickup is a TV Jones TV CLASSIC, pretty much the best neck pickup ever however if you'd rather I have a late 70s Dimarzio PAF neck pickup I can swap in instead. The bridge pickup is a SD phat cat that I more or less modified into a loose copy of a Travis bean style pickup. I removed the bar magnets, drilled out the bobbin, put Alinco V rod magnets in and machined an 1/8" steel plate for the bottom that the magnet ends fit through before the bobbin screws to the normal humbucker bottom plate. It's a rad bright and loud pickup, I could also swap this for the stock 498t pickup (nickel cover) if you want. The guitar comes with the same era Gibson brown and pink hard shell case and a matching green guitar strap.

I'm asking $600 with the current pickups in it, and will drop the price to $500 if you want the Dimarzio and the 498t instead.

Not really looking for trades but I would possibly be interested in an even swap for a Musicman amp or maybe some other interesting amp, can't hurt to ask!

Photos + CL ad link:
1998 Gibson The Paul SL (not a special, modified) - musical instruments - by owner - sale

1998 Gibson The Paul SL (modified)-paul_fullcase-jpg