I've got two KTMs I'm not using so you should buy them both.

I bought one new, it has about 500 miles on it now.

I bought the other one used with about 800 miles on it. I've never ridden it.

Both bikes are ready to ride with new paint and decent tires. They both have woodcraft clip ons and Sato rear sets. They have both been low sided and measured by computrack.
I don't have titles but I do have paperwork. These can not be registered for the street, they were race only from the factory.

I have a good amount of spares.

New set of forged OZ wheels with brembo rotors. These have never had tires mounted

Folding levers

Gas tank

Two sets of bodywork with new paint

Sub frame with tray

Rear sets

CF front fender

Swing arm

I'd like to get $25,000 for the whole package. I'll get some pics up in a day or two.