A Co Worker for her first job out of academics. . And it's time to buy herself a new car for the move.

142k miles on it. . Blue outside, tan interior.. runs well now. .a few cosmetic blemishes inside like saggy headliner. PM me with an email and I can send you 10mb of pictures.

Looking for around 3k to help her downpayment. Her local mechanic said $2k to get it out of her hands but admitted if she wants to try on her own she would get more. .. so that's what she is trying!

Her family is the only owner.

2000 LandRover Discovery
142+K miles
Has extra seats in the trunk
Her family has been the only owners

Some slightly saggy ceiling fabric (she’s an old lady)
Rear windshield wiper is broken
Front passenger side door locking mechanism doesn’t work with unlock button so I have to reach over and open it manually
Right headlight has a little humidity in it so maybe there is a crack in
the light or something
Some cosmetic stuff inside is a little rough, like the arm rest is out of
wack on the drivers side
Overall the paint is in good shape and there are only a few small door

Latest maintenance was with the fancy air bag suspension system.. all is functional. Mechanic says there are a few leaks here and there of oil that is typical of a land rover, but not a problem nor worth the trouble.

One other funny piece of information though. Last year sometime while the car was actually at the mechanics, somehow it got put into a parking spot, and the e brake was on, car wasn't in park. (yeah not sure how come.. but you can do this). Car rolled down a small hill and crushed another car. Uh huh.. tough truck. Insurance covered all the repairs, but isn't that a funny unattanded accident story to explain to insurance. E-brake does work though.

Car is in Porter Square in Somerville.

She needs the car until the first week of Nov so unless it sells for what she's asking so she can rent a car/zip car the times she needs it.. that's the tentative sale date.

I can try to field questions... please not too complicated since it's not my car.. nor is the girl selling it a crazy car nut. Passes MA inspection all the time with no hassles.