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2001 Aprilia Futura

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    2001 Aprilia Futura

    Too addicted to the track to keep my sport touring bike, in perfect running condition but with some significant cosmetic defects. https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/mc...953190305.html

    -Perfect mechanical condition, no leaks etc
    -100% ready to ride
    -Tires and brakes have plenty of life left
    -Chain in good shape
    -OEM Hard Luggage (very useful)
    -Only 45k miles (Futuras can go for over 100k)
    -Recent headlight bulb change
    -Laminar lip windscreen

    -laid down on both sides (see below and pictures)
    -mismatched levers (have the matching brake lever but prefer the longer one)
    -paint peeling in places

    Has had two minor lowsides, one on either side, levers were replaced, plastics were just scraped up and I left them like that. This is a great bike, but I no longer need it for commuting and I got a street legal dirtbike which is way more fun than this guy. One lowside happened on a dirt road at around 5-10mph when I locked up the front, the other happened on my first track day when the back slid out when I was too aggressive on the throttle coming out of 2 at Loudon. This is a great bike for you if you want to go places and don't care if you have the cleanest bike at the rest stop, or if you do care about that you can probably raptor line it or something like that and it will look great. This is a great bike, handles really well for a ST and is super comfortable for taller riders like me (and I'm sure shorter riders too).

    $1749 obo for nestreetriders members. Also open to trades for a fully prepped LW or MW race bike LOL

    Can deliver.
    2001 Aprilia Futura-img_20190809_152424-jpg2001 Aprilia Futura-img_20190809_152431-jpg2001 Aprilia Futura-img_20190809_152435-jpg2001 Aprilia Futura-img_20190809_152507-jpg2001 Aprilia Futura-img_20190809_152507-jpg2001 Aprilia Futura-img_20190809_152522-jpg2001 Aprilia Futura-img_20190809_152530-jpg

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    YouTube: The Motorcycle Room 2001 Aprilia Futura - 2002 Aprilia RSV Mille - 1998 Honda Superhawk - 2011 TM Racing EN 250

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