I am selling my 2001 Yamaha R6. 14,750 miles, D&D Exhaust, runs great. I bought it as my first bike, learned to ride on it, and now have bought a different bike, so its time to sell this one.

The previous owner did drop the bike on its left side. When I bought it I fixed the bodywork and painted it. The paint job is decent but is not perfect.

Bike is located in Bedford, MA.

I am posting it up here first for $3000 OBO. If I don't get any bites I'm going to post it on craigslist in a few days.

2001 Yamaha R6 00 OBO-img_1385-jpg2001 Yamaha R6 00 OBO-img_1386-jpg2001 Yamaha R6 00 OBO-img_1387-jpg2001 Yamaha R6 00 OBO-img_1388-jpg2001 Yamaha R6 00 OBO-img_1389-jpg2001 Yamaha R6 00 OBO-img_1390-jpg2001 Yamaha R6 00 OBO-img_1392-jpg