I have a 2003 Bluebird schoolbus for use as storage only. It cannot be put on the road again. I bought it specifically for the engine, this is the GM workhorse chassis.
No engine, no transmission, no wiring harness. Iíve also sold the drivers seat, dash, mirrors and rear emergency exit door.
The good, it does have 6 new tires, the roof has no leaks, all glass is good (except rear emergency door), still has good seats..

The bad, no engine, frame is very rusty, first step is rusty/broken, no paperwork.. though Iím sure one could get it if needed, itís going to cost quite a bit to tow it.

Located in North Scituate, RI


2003 Bluebird schoolbus-86a048d0-5e1f-4471-a8e6-030801e13750

2003 Bluebird schoolbus-7e0b112c-b054-49ed-8433-fb0a54098787