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2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike

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    2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike

    For Sale 2003 Ducati 1000ds. Parts or Project. The crank case cover has developed a hairline crack at the top of the case (see photo #3) and at race speed it will leak oil. Rather than rip into the motor Iím offering it for sale. This has been my race bike since 2011 and has served me well. It had a complete motor rebuild winter 2015 by Eric Colbrath/Bruce Meyers. Including high compression pistons, an upgraded ECU, flywheel lightened, and a lot of other things. I have receipts so you can see all the details. This Ducati may be a few years old but it still pulls 94hp on the Dyno. It will beat any Suzuki SV 650 in a drag race. Iím selling this as a project. You are encouraged to have your mechanic check it over before you buy it. If you donít feel comfortable repairing it yourself I know several excellent Ducati experts. And no, you canít put it back on the street (actually you could but itís really cost prohibitive.)

    It comes with lots of spare parts. Spare clip-ons, extra brake/clutch levers (why do I have 4 of them?), 2 spare sprockets, extra clutch pack, spare fuel pump, clutch sensor, new brake pads, a box full of misc parts, spare front fairing stay, Ducati owners manual (the big one/very detailed), spare steering damper, it even has matching blue duct tape for when you need a quick repair. Comes with original key and gas cap set, spare axle bolt/nut. Iím probably forgetting somethings but youíll come away with a lot of extras to keep or sell.

    Price: Setting a price is challenging and Iím open to all offers/trades. If it didnít have the hairline crack Iíd probably ask $4500. I donít know if there are any additional internal issues beyond the crack. The bike starts and runs but will leak oil. A new motor would set you back about $900, but this one is very fixable and has lots of tricks built in. It may just require a new case which would set you back $150. Iím asking $3400 for everything.

    Glad to answer any question.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-20161030_232717-jpg   2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc8-jpg   2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc5-jpg   2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc-11-jpg  

    2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc4-jpg   2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc3-jpg   2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc17-jpg   2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc12-jpg  

    2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc14-jpg   2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc15-jpg   2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc16-jpg   2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc2-jpg  

    2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc6-jpg   2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc7-jpg   2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc10-jpg   2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc9-jpg  

    2003 Ducati 1000ds Race Bike-duc19-jpg  

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