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2003 Yamaha R6 - Track only

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    2003 Yamaha R6 - Track only

    2003 Yamaha R6 in Supersport trim

    Bike has no title, it's been around the racing community since it was raced back in the early 2000s, PK actually has notes on the original owner and setup as it started life at Loudon before migrating south. I bought it from Tennessee as a 'basket case' and lightly played on it for a year. I've done the following to it:

    - Replaced the OEM front brake master with a 3rd gen R6 OEM radial brake master.
    - Torn down, ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt the front brake calipers.
    - Rebuilt / replaced the airbox assembly.
    - Installed PAIR valve blockoff plates.
    - Cut the cold start fast idle bleed system out of the water cooling loop. Bike starts just fine without it, makes removing / reinstalling the throttle bodies MUCH easier.
    - Installed a 2005 R6 fuel pressure regulator.
    - Properly mounted the superbike tail.
    - Adjusted the valves, new plugs, pulled the PC3. Bike has gone less than 1000mi since.
    - General cleanup / tidying / minor parts replacement including a missing motor mount and front fairing bracket.

    As noted, I have a PC3 for the bike, the special box for updating it's firmware / unlocking accelerator pump emulation / etc but do not have it hooked up. The bike runs well without it, as setup right now it's if anything a tad rich. Should run better if you plug the PC3 back in and get it mapped properly. In addition I have a set of Graves slide stops, which should only be installed IF you're going to get the bike fully mapped after, it will NOT play well otherwise. I've gotten down to a 1:21 on it, which is slow, and totally not the bike's fault, (I've only ever turned a 19 once on anything) it is capable of much more. It actually has a decent spread of power and still seems to hang on to other MWSS machines on top when drag racing down the front straight. Can it match top expert MWSS lap times? No idea. Can it reliably get someone from school to Expert plates in MW?

    This bike has been turn key for me once I cleaned it up and sorted it. Make sure it has gas in the tank, turn key and go. It will need some TLC before hitting the track in anger in 2020 though?

    - New battery, the Ballistic lithium I have in there is from 2012 and is way overdue for replacement. It's served me well, but is on borrowed time.
    - New tires, I got my fun out of these.
    - Suspension should be refreshed, it has a Penske rear and potentially aftermarket cartridges but I never tore into the forks to find out.
    - Change the water, or coolant depending on when it finally sells.

    I have to go through my spares collection, I believe I have:
    - 2005 throttle bodies, slightly bigger for more go, but overkill for a track like Loudon
    - Rear wheel
    - Front wheel, lip is scarred pretty badly but seems to be holding air
    - Sprocket carrier, needs one stud replaced

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