Parting Out 2005 Suzuki GSXR-750 with 2 Miles on Title
Clean California Title to be sold with Frame.
VIN JS1GR7JA052105275
Motor Has Been SOLD.
List of parts not including shipping.
Make offers, if prices are not to your liking.
Have a couple more pictures, if needed.
Call (805) 404-4191, or E-mail with questions or offers.
Parts are located in California.
Marcel Graeber
Ex-AMA #767 / WSMC #767

Frame with 2 Miles on Clean California Title, Broken Neck $1,300
Rear Wheel $225
Gauges with 7,040 Miles $175
Forks, Straight but Left Lower Fork Has Two Front Fender Mounts Broken Off, I Have the Tabs $150
Headlight, Repaired Mounting Tabs $125
Front Rotors and Bolts $125
Left Fairing, Broken and Repaired $100
ECU $100
Swing Arm $75
Right Rear Set $75
Front Brake Calipers $75
Tail Fairing, Broken and Repaired $75
Rear Fender with Blinkers $50
Main Wiring Harness $50
Front Fairing, Blue, Broken and Repaired $50
Front Fairing, Black, Broken and Repaired $50
Air Box $50
Gas Cap with One Key $50
Front Seat $50
Rectifier $50
Shock $50
Chain $50
Radiator Fan $35
Front Axle and Nut $25
Front Fender, Broken and Repaired $25
Taillight, Broken Lens Cover $25
Radiator Fan Switch $25
Shifter Linkage $25
Kickstand and Switch $25
Front Wiring Harness, Broken Headlight Connectors $25
Dog Bones $20
Spools $20
Radiator Over Flow Bottle $20
Chain Guard $20
Front Blinkers, Cut Connectors $20
Fuel Line, Quick Connect $20
Gas Tank Mounting Bracket $20
Radiator Cap $15
Horn $10