2011 CBR250R

2834 Miles

Runs great, no mechanical issues. All electronics work as they should. Only modifications are an aftermarket tail light and yoshimura sliders. Stock tail light in hand if desired. Title in hand.

Light scratches on exhaust cover from tip over while at stop, learning to ride

Small scratch on gas tank, see pictures

Plenty more pictures for anyone interested.

Happy to answer any other questions, its a great bike, I just don't use it that much as my sv serves pretty much the same purposes.


2011 Honda CBR250R-pxl_20210910_190646520-mp-jpg
2011 Honda CBR250R-pxl_20210910_190900841-jpg
2011 Honda CBR250R-pxl_20210910_190728485-jpg
2011 Honda CBR250R-pxl_20210910_190715854-mp-jpg
2011 Honda CBR250R-pxl_20210910_190655912-2-jpg
2011 Honda CBR250R-pxl_20210910_190733877-jpg