Looking to get out of our lease, it's a pretty good deal, my 99 year old grandfather retired from GM and he's able to pass on his employee discount to family members. Anyway...

- 2019 Chevy Traverse
- $360/month, 19 months remaining (lease expires July 2022).
- Currently has 23,840 miles, 39k mile limit at end of lease, 25 cents/mile for anything over.
- Purchase price at end of lease is $24,222

My understanding is that these lease swaps are relatively easy. I call GM Financial, they email/mail both parties some paperwork and its as if your name is now on the current contract. Plenty more details available if interested, call or text Matt, four oh one - 497 - 420 six

Lease takeover, 2019 Chevy Traverse-img_20200410_130425-jpg