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FOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike

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    FOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am selling my 2013 R6 with superbike engine. Asking 10K.


    -Superbike spec engine- to include cams, new valves and springs, carillo rods, CP big bore pistons (636cc), all new bearings, with only 3 events Dynoed at 137hp on Sunoco 100
    -Ktech DDS Pro front and rear
    -Attack triples
    -320mm cast iron rotors wit TI brake pad shields
    -TI exhaust
    -Dual radiators
    -YEC harness and ECU
    -woodcraft crash bits
    TONS of extras

    Chassis is absolutely straight and geometry has been optimized by me at GMD. The bike has awesome front end feel.
    Bike has been meticulously maintained and is very well prepared. Those of you who know me or have garaged near me in the past can attest to the level of my craftsmanship.

    Building a house and looking to free up capitol and space and I'm not sure when I'll return to grid. So might as well sell it now so someone else can go kick ass with it.

    Please call/text anytime with questions, as I don't always check the forum.
    (617)276-6765FOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2468-jpgFOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2485-jpgFOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2483-jpgFOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2481-jpgFOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2480-jpgFOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2478-jpgFOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2477-jpgFOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2476-jpgFOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2474-jpgFOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2473-jpgFOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2471-jpgFOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2470-jpgFOR SALE: 2013 R6 superbike-img_2487-jpg

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