I just upgraded my personal scan tool to an ultra so I'm looking to unload my old one. Software could use an update I'll have to double check but I believe it's currently up to 2012 or 13 and it does have European also. I have a few European adapters and personality keys and 2 sets of general keys too( lost original set so bought new set over $200 then found original set) European s44 key not working for some reason but fully functional with the k20 and k21 not working (newer gym vehicles) I believe that an update will resolve this but not 100% my snap on dealer told me to call the repair hotline but I never got around to it because it can access any vehicle through the generic obd2 function so it never bothered me.

I will add pics tomorrow when I'm at work but this is a full function windows based tool, capable of pulling and clearing codes, performing lots of functional tests and graphing sensor readings. I'm giving nesr first dibs before it goes on craigslist, I paid $700 3 or so years ago plus another $200+ for replacement keys nesr price $350 or possible trade for anything that may interest me of similar value. If it doesn't sell here I'll be putting it on Craigslist in a week or so for $500