This was a barn find and I bought it to keep me occupied through the winter. However, life threw other project at me and now it's time to clear some space in the garage.
Only 4695 original miles and I have a title. The fairings are in good to excellent shape. However right side is cracked. Previous owner said it tipped over in the garage and the damage appears to be consistent with a tip over. No rash. All lights & turn signals work. Battery is recent.
No major rust. I spent a few weeks cleaning it and came out pretty nice.
All fluids have been drained/replaced and bike has been partially disassembled for inspection. I can reassemble the bike or leave it as is for your inspection. Chain & sprockets are original and in good shape.
Tank has a minor dent (I'll have to point it out to you.) Exterior paint is very good.
Carburetors have been ultrasonically cleaned and 2 of the 4 are excellent but will need to have gaskets & the low speed jets replaced. The other 2 carbs are questionable because an earlier attempt to replace the low speed jets resulted in a stuck jet in one and a broken socket in the other. See pictures. (Replacements cost about $49 on ebay.) Floats and other components are in excellent condition.
Three of the 4 cylinders have excellent compression. The fourth one leaks and has low compression. Probably a stuck valve but I haven't torn down the engine. New oil and filter installed.
All brake parts have been disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned. All electronics work.
It's a very clean bike. Simple to work on. This bike came from Salem, MA some of you may have seen it on Craigslist. Selling bike for what I paid for it. Previous owner asked $1000, I gave him $1000 and I'm selling if for $1000.
Photos are recent pictures of the bike before and after disassembly. It's a real classic. I put it up on the VFR forums and had several offers for $1200, but shipping costs to other parts of country is a deal killer. It's a very popular bike for collectors.
Winter Project. 1986 Honda VFR-20141029_171844_resized-jpgWinter Project. 1986 Honda VFR-20141029_171853_resized-jpgWinter Project. 1986 Honda VFR-20141101_151325_resized-jpgWinter Project. 1986 Honda VFR-20141029_171924_resized-jpg