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BEWARE - 724-789-9296 - Possible Fraud Alert

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    Re: BEWARE - 724-789-9296 - Possible Fraud Alert

    Quote Originally Posted by Garandman View Post
    Yeah, I have teenage daughters, too!
    Yup..and a son who now has a phone even though he's way too young for one. I try not to answer unknown numbers, but if they're not by my side, chances are I'm answering. But it can be LOADS of fun fuckin' with these dipshit scammers!

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    Re: BEWARE - 724-789-9296 - Possible Fraud Alert

    the calls i get are of 2 varieties:
    1) "the warranty on your vehicle has expired". as a note, i drive a 16 tacoma...still under warranty AND a lease. its usually about a vehicle i sold 2 years ago. my wifes car, which is paid for and registered to her. and once it was for, oddly, my dads truck.

    2)"student loan debt". this one is fairly new and i get 10 calls a week about it lately. i have no student loan debt.

    im on the national do not call list.
    i put myself on their DNC list several times.
    anytime i talk to someone i get someone that speaks english. then when i ask for a supervisor i get some heavily accented person who tells me to go fuck myself and hangs up on me.
    i know that when i ask to be placed on their DNC list, they just sell it to another company so they can call me.
    im fucking over it already.

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    Re: BEWARE - 724-789-9296 - Possible Fraud Alert

    The DNC list doesn't do shit for scams, which is what almost all of these are. And it especially doesn't help if the group behind the calls is operating outside of the US. They actually do enforce the DNC list against abusive real businesses. I doubt the DNC is sold to anyone, but I also doubt it gets the greatest security applied to it.

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