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January 6th

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    Re: January 6th

    Quote Originally Posted by DucDave View Post
    “There’s no question,” McConnell said, “that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day,” which left five people dead, US Capitol Police officers injured, and parts of the building damaged. “The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president.”

    He justified his vote to acquit by taking the position that Trump was no longer President thus the impeachment was unconstitutional. And I imagine he'll implore us to ignore the man behind the curtain who prevented the hearings to begin until after the inauguration. Looks like he successfully had his cake and ate it too...
    I realize this statement is dripping with recency bias, but McConnell may go down as one of the most morally bankrupt politicians ever, as I believe at one point he actually had morals unlike Drump.

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    Re: January 6th

    At least now we can get back to finding those buttery mails I’ve been hearing about for years.

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    Re: January 6th

    Quote Originally Posted by TheIglu View Post
    At least now we can get back to finding those buttery mails I’ve been hearing about for years.
    No no no. We can finally "lock up" the politician responsible for a few American deaths in an understaffed Federal building that was raided by terrorists. I heard it was a huge issue.


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    Re: January 6th

    I think Democrat leadership wanted Trump to be acquitted. The impeachment did a tremendous job of dividing the GOP enough to make it very difficult to primary against a Trump-supported candidate, AND very difficult to elect a Trump-supported candidate. If Trump had been convicted, the GOP would likely have more unity a few months down road when the dust settles and people start to come to their senses. Right now, you have about 70% of GOP voters worshiping Trump and 30% embarrassed by him.

    I think this division will be key in 2022 elections; Democrats can put a moderate on the ballot against a Trumpy candidate and perhaps win more often than not by attracting the undecided and anti-Trump-GOP voters that can't vote for another Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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    Re: January 6th

    saw a pickup a couple days ago, sporting a 3x5 flag, flapping in the breeze as he drove down the road, thinking to myself, why in fuck is this guy still got a Trump flag, as it had the colors and design, but as I got closer, I saw that it said "FUCK BIDEN" instead

    fwiw, I don't even like to see any flag displayed like that (except maybe temporarily in a slow speed parade), fucking things are dangerous in traffic, never know when the staff will break and become a spear, or a flag rip off, and cover a windshield

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