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School Me: Weddings

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    Re: School Me: Weddings

    Don't spend one dollar more than may make you miss the money or fight over it later. Or be able to put it toward your future.

    The ceremony has little to do with happiness and actually huge weddings have been shown to lead to less successful marriages.

    There is no price tag on faithfulness, sacrifice and selflessness. Which are the real requirements for marital fulfillment.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Re: School Me: Weddings

    Thatís funny, I wanted it at zorvino but she picked somewhere else.
    Quote Originally Posted by butcher bergs View Post
    I did the leap of faith on May 17th.

    When she asked what I wanted for a wedding, my response was to fly our parents and siblings out to Hawaii for the week, get married at the lagoon that was in a picture at my grandfather's house (taken on the vacation he and my grandmother took many moons ago).

    What I ended up with was 120+ people, a church, a reception, a DJ, a photographer, a happy hour for the guests.....pretty much everything that I did not want or care for.

    So, knowing that my bride-to-be was suddenly deaf, I went all in because she was incapable of understanding my side of things. We took dance lessons for our first dance, talked with the reverend at the church, beautiful flowers from a florist, prime rib or chicken marsala and on and on.

    I did not exactly have fun at the reception. It was never designed for my full enjoyment. I mean, in the moment it was fun-ish but there was a lot of demand for me to be certain places at certain times. By the time I felt "free", there was an hour and 15 minutes left in the evening. I did all these things because of one quote that struck a chord with me...."Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own" - Robert A. Heinlein

    Now that we're in the hindsight stage, she quickly realized that everything I was saying during the entire planning phase came true. She completely lost sight of what I wanted out of the day and well....too late now!

    That all said, the hired help were absolutely phenomenal and experts in their craft.

    Tom Gibbons photography (Ramzi was our camera guy)
    Main Event for the DJ (Tim B)
    Zorvino's for the reception (Denise and the Zorvino crew)

    All I can say is, I am glad this is happening only once because I never, ever want to do that again!

    Oh and...GOOD LUCK!

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    Re: School Me: Weddings

    Quote Originally Posted by tsorfas View Post
    The wedding day is her day. Not the couples day. Look at the example above.
    I fought it at first but I had to eventually figure that I am perfectly capable of setting aside my preferences for that one day. The bigger picture was the commitment, not the day itself.

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    Re: School Me: Weddings

    We're just starting to plan ours. We're extremely appreciative that the FIL offered to foot the bill, and wants to go all out. Something a little less of a production would have been more my style, but it should be a good time. The only thing we've committed to thus far is the date and venue... 9/19/20 @ the Lake Placid Country Club.

    School Me: Weddings-lpcc-jpg

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