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Shameful, absolutely shameful...

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    Shameful, absolutely shameful...

    Also, when are they going to run out of ideas for reality shows?

    They have taken a guy who is famous for a video showcasing A) his foot long manhood and B) sticking it to Pam Anderson like a pin cushion, and turned him into a marching band geek.

    Pretty soon they're going to have a reality show about famous chicks going to Beijing to learn how to shoot ping pong balls out of their naughty bits.

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    Shameful, absolutely shameful...

    See that is the horror that is reality TV. There is no end to ideas, because there is no end to the drive that makes people watch that shite... No matter how bad the idea, its CHEAP for the tv stations to make, and its throw away, just like they love, and theres no end of people who will do ridiculous things for money, and there's no end to the wacked out side of people that likes to watch this shite.... Capitalism doesn't always produce what you hope it would


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    But when we ride very fast motorcycles, we ride with immaculate sanity. We might abuse a substance here and there, but only when it's right. The final measure of any rider's skill is the inverse ratio of his preferred Traveling Speed to the number of bad scars on his body. It is that simple: If you ride fast and crash, you are a bad rider. If you go slow and crash, you are a bad rider. And if you are a bad rider, you should not ride motorcycles.

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    Shameful, absolutely shameful...


    Something we can ALL agree on!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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