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2020 Beta's have dropped

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    2020 Beta's have dropped

    i'll fix the pics as info is released ...

    Beta is proud to launch the 2020 RR and RR-S models. These models are all new and represents a new generation for the RR and RR-S range.
    The 2020 range includes 8 different engine sizes: four 2-stroke (RR 125/200/250/300 cc) and four 4-stroke (RR-S 350/390/430/500 cc) engines that offer Beta customers an extremely wide selection of bikes to take on their next adventure.

    Beta owns the phrase Rideability and the 2020 models continue this off-road experience with a slim, lightweight bike that is safe, reliable, and easy to ride while creating a riding experience like no other manufacturer can provide.
    Major advances have been made by the Beta team of engineers these past twelve months including introducing a completely new engine design to the 4-stroke range, added smoothness to the 2 stroke engine, and an all new frame that boasts completely redesigned geometry and rigidity. The popular 200 RR Model returns as well for 2020.

    Besides the all-new engines and frames, the sub-frame, tail section, seat, fuel tank, bodywork, and many other details are also all new coming together to provide the best looking and most friendly cockpit layout on the market.

    Also new for 2020 is the ability for customers to order any RR or RR-S model straight from the factory with a 2" lower seat height over the stock models. These "lowboy" models have parts installed inside the front fork and rear shock to lower the seat height.

    Beta USA's popular BYOB (Build Your Own Beta) program will continue for 2020. This program allows riders to custom build his or her new Beta to fit their special needs by allowing the addition of more than 400 accessories to their bike.

    New features include:


    4-stroke RR-S (350/390/430/500 cc):

    A complete redesign, with the aim of reducing the weight and bulk of moving parts, achieved by raising the clutch and moving the crankshaft back. Moving the center of gravity closer to the swingarm pivot makes for significantly better handling. An overall weight reduction of 2.2 lbs.
    A redesigned magnesium clutch cover, redeveloped to improve the oil flow into the clutch assembly more efficiently.
    Magnesium flywheel cover, redesignedin-line with the rest of the engine, now with a more functional and modern look.
    New water pump system that improves flow-rate and therefore the efficiency of the cooling system's ability to transfer heat, keeping average temperatures lower, improving performance, and providing a more simplified cooling hose system.
    Cylinder and head redesigned matched with the updated cooling system to lower engine temperatures.
    Twin Injectors improve performance and increase fuel mileage.
    Oil circuit redesigned to provide better heat transfer between oil and water in the front section of the crankcase in order to keep the oil temperature lower.
    Clutch with redesigned discs in a new material to ensure smoother and more modular gear shifting.
    Redesigned gearing, now shorter and lighter.
    New gearshift mechanism with lighter cam to improve shifting.
    Gearshift lever redesigned in line with the new engine and frame layout.
    Addition of a neutral sensor.
    Updated EFI mapping.

2020 Beta RR-S (Street Legal Off Road)

    2-stroke (250/300 cc):

    Now with a counter-balancer to reduce vibration by increasing inertia and improving the power delivery curve. The counter-balancer improves the power delivery throughout the rpm range.
    Cylinder head redesigned (250 cc only) to improve torque at low rpm.

2020 300 RR 2 Stroke

250/300 RR Counter Balancer

2020 200 RR

2020 125 RR

    2-stroke (125 cc):

    New cylinder with modified exhaust port and diameters.
    New exhaust flange.
    New exhaust valve system and new boosters.
    New clutch cover with airpurging system operated by the modified clutch mechanism; modified oil inlet cap position to improve oil change time.
    New exhaust valve drive, opens at a different rate to improve power delivery.
    New expansion chamber provides broader power delivery.

These modifications to the 125 RR (derived straight from the 2019 Racing model) provide added torque at low rpm while greater power at the high revs, for increased performance across the entire power curve while at the same time, provides a bike that is easier to ride.

    Chassis: (All RR and RR-S Models)

    All-New frame with redesigned geometry and rigidity for increased agility and stability. Weight is reduced and reliability boosted with the use of precision-cast components, while comfort is improved and vibration reduced thanks to new head bolts. The frame is also narrower at the base which improves handling over difficult sections and typical off-road tracks.

    Modified swingarm, now longer for the 4-stroke range and the 200 cc 2-stroke model, for better stability and traction.

    Completely redesigned tailpiece, greater strength to reduce breakage during off road riding, all filter box components and related accessories are now housed inside it (electrical components and oil reservoir for 2-strokes).
    New air filter boot.
    Air Filter mounting system, providing quicker and more accurate installation.

    Improved fork design compared to previous version, with new inner cartridge to lower the center of gravity providing the perfect level of plushness while also improving the action of square-edge impacts. Internal valving has been updated to work in-line with the new frame design.
    New rear shock absorber with:
    New top-out system, now a spring to improve grip and contact with the ground during hard braking.
    New longer shock bumper with more progressive compression. This ensures good protection of the buffer and improves bottoming resistance.
    New valving, to work in-line with the new frame.
    Cooling system with water hoses placed inside the frame and more efficient radiators.This improves heat transfer and allows engines to operate at lower temperatures even in the most extreme conditions.
    Larger capacity fuel tanks, of 2.4 US gallons for 4-strokes and 2.55 US gallons for 2-strokes. Besides providing greater range, the new fuel tanks improve ergonomics and ease-of-movement in the seat.
    Wider handlebars for greater control.
    Exhaust with new layout in line with the bike's new rear section.
    Side stand with bigger foot pad.
    New precision-cast footpegs that are better at shedding mud and teeth to increase boot grip.
    New chain guide, longer to suit new swingarm.
    New brake pedal, more robust and with larger bearings.
    Shorter 430/480 cc gearing compared to previous models.


    Completely new superstructure (front cowl, front and rear fenders, ducts and fairings) that improves ergonomics and the operation of all related parts retaining the Italian design Beta is known for.
    Front fender with variable thickness geometry which reduces weight and increases rigidity.
    New tailpiece in techno-polymer.
    New tailpiece attachments in techno-polymer.
    New handlebar protector.
    Redesigned seat, more comfortable when moving about on the bike.
    New license plate bracket, lighter and with integrated handles.
    New silencer protector (excluding 125 cc).
    New digital instruments and instrument panel.
    New location for MAP switch
    Redesigned skid plate.
    New rear light and license plate bracket with integrated grab handles.
    New frame protectors.

MAP Switch

New Footpegs, Frame Guards, and Rear Brake Pedal

Voyager GPS is standard on all 2020 RR-S Models.


    125 RR: $7999.00
    200 RR $8699.00
    250 RR $8799.00
    300 RR $9199.00
    350 RR-S $10,599.00
    390 RR-S $10,699.00
    430 RR-S $10,799.00
    500 RR-S $10,899.00

    *prices do not include sales tax, license, destination or other dealer fees.


    RR 2 Stroke Models September
    RR-S 4 Stroke Models November

    In addition to the exciting new 2020 model announcement, Beta USA is proud to show off their new website! Found at www.betausa.com riders can now purchase their new Beta three ways, Stock unit, Stock + Upgraded Suspension, or the ever-popular BYOB. 

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    Re: 2020 Beta's have dropped

    what's the stock+upgraded suspension option, just the low version?

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    Re: 2020 Beta's have dropped

    Quote Originally Posted by Chippertheripper View Post
    what's the stock+upgraded suspension option, just the low version?
    no, not just the low version ... Beta offers a handful of ways to configure a new bike or send in your suspension from an existing ride ... Stock + Upgrade = springs and valved for your weight and terrain before a new bike is delivered to your dealer.


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