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ATV Racing?

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    ATV Racing?

    A year or so ago I had 3 LT250Rs in running condition and wanted to start racing them but life got in the way
    Now that I've sold all of them and have some free time I'd like to pick up one nice LT250R and start doing track days with it.
    I know I'll be horrible so I'm not doing it to be competitive, just to have some fun.

    The only homologation body I can find is neatv-mx. Has anyone run with these guys? If so what's tech inspection like, safety requirements etc


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    Re: ATV Racing?

    I've never run with them, but have watched a few of their races. As far as I remember, the only safety things you need to add to the ATV are a tether kill switch, full nerf bars with all the netting in place, and the required front and rear number plates. Full gear is obvious, but I remember if there is a date code enforcement on the helmets like there is in LRRS.

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    Re: ATV Racing?

    Necc has an atv race as well.
    Edit: I think their tech insection is pretty loose. Probably little more than a sound check.

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