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Let's liven up this forum... 2 STROKE!

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    Re: Let's liven up this forum... 2 STROKE!

    Also if you're going the 230f route take a gander at the ttr225/230.

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    Re: Let's liven up this forum... 2 STROKE!

    Quote Originally Posted by MattR302 View Post
    my 350, it’s been 99% a street bike, with 1% dirt roads - I’m a total dirt noob.
    I've had a KDX220R for 3 years. Off- road- Love it's simplicity, reliability, and willingness to please. I put new riders on it frequently, they appreciate the easy clutch, good torque with linear top end (no pipe hit of death), soft suspension, relaxed ergos, rubber mounted bars, wide gearing, easy kickstarting, and a neutral geometry that generally just does what's asked.

    It sucks on-road. You're likely to be more 95% trail- 5% road. Low power at higher speed, 2 stroke roughness and noise, shorter range than most dual sports, shake unless you remove the bead locks, weak brakes.

    The only danger area is if the 220 has a stock piston, they grenade and take the cases out. Most have been changed to Wiseco by now. Other than that it's the normal swingarm/shock linkage/wheel bearings, chain, sprocket, brakes, forks, etc.

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    Re: Let's liven up this forum... 2 STROKE!

    Another vote for the KDX! No bias other than I have one and love it.

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