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Rainy days are good for somethings....

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    Rainy days are good for somethings....

    Like spending a day in the garage with the bikes.
    I got new tires mounted up on leah's DR
    After wrestling with many sets of tires in tha past I came to the realization that its worth every penny to me to pay someone else to do it. A dealer near me mounted leah's dirt wheels that I bought off the net, and disposed of the old tires for $60 yeh that sounds like a lot perhaps, but it saved me a few hours of swearing and scrapped knuckles, worth it for me.
    I installed new front brakes on her bike and tightened everything that needed it, cleaned the air filters and lubed everything that needed it on both bikes .
    Finally got around to disconecting the kick stand switch on my drz, I snipped the wire under the seat, and looped it together.

    After slamming into the bars and almost going over on more than one occasion, due to the kickstand bouncing enough on a rough trail to let the kill switch out just enough to kill the motor so you lose momentum. It was time to snip the wire.

    Got both bikes set for the loudon classic next weekend, and all the dirt gear packed up.

    not a bad day for such a wash out...................

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    Rainy days are good for somethings....

    Sadly, I didn't do shit to the bikes today I do need to do a oil change on the KTM and I should clean the air filter, maybe I'll do that tomorrow.
    I did get my quad registered in Maine for the 2006/2007 season though online today

    Half my day today was spent at banks opening and closing accounts, my local bank is offering 4.4% intrest on savings which is about 4 points higher than I was getting so it was still a productive day

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