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school me on a ktm 690 enduro r

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    Re: school me on a ktm 690 enduro r

    lazy pro tip:

    just sit on a dirt bike stand as your working the irons LOOOOOL

    cuts down on the lower back pain

    1 hr 38 mins for two tires including mounting/dismounting...getting better

    put on a Kenda Big Block Paver in the stock 140/80-18

    and it's...uh...huge

    it's an ADV tire, a larger interior volume, and taller...it somehow increased by top speed by 5ish mph

    it's a tubeless tire that sits a little funky on the bead, has less of a V shape/more of a bubble shape, and doesn't fall into turns that well.

    but it still got 60ish miles of canyons + 140 miles of slab for a 200ish mile day

    even had one guy say "who was the guy on the 690, he was flying!"

    it was a B group ride pace kinda of day

    Still happy with the versatility of this bike.

    I can hold my own on a canyon ride and slab 70 miles at 80-100 "kph" no prob. Aside from interstate or long distance coastal rides (that I only did once this year), the 690 meets all my street bike needs. 2-3 more street bike months, then back to knobbies for desert season.

    next year for street: expect to go through 1 front/2 rears per season. Stick to the 705/741 combo and get a smaller 140/70 in the rear.

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    1994 Yamaha YZ250 CA Street Legal 2-smoke :smoke: ** 2017 KTM 690 Enduro R**

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