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Skid plate

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    Skid plate

    So I am looking for a skid plate for my KTM. Its a 09 450exc. Just wondering what you guys use as far as brand goes. I was looking at the Works skid plate, its $200 though. Any others that would be recomended?

    Also, whats the going opinion on the plastic skid plates? I can see the advantage because they wont bend, but will they just break?
    Aluminum skid plates seem to be a touch more pricy, will bend but I wouldnt see bending them back to be to difficult. So any advice out there?

    I think my bike will need all the protection it can get with me riding it

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    Im using a Moose skid plate. Its nice thick metal and has taken some good hits. Id stay away from plastic. I would also stay away from glide plates. They dont cover as much. The Moose one I have comes out and covers the engine case that is exposed outside of the frame.

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