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Southwick... north?

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    Southwick... north?

    Freedom Cycle is running a two day Yamaha demo event at Sandbox NH up in Rumney, Rt 25 past Tamworth. (Jolly Roger region? Area felt VERY familiar.) I spent most of my time on the woods loop which only exists for the demo, but my time on the track was... interesting. Sand, sand, more sand, it was raining, sand. Reminded me of Southwick including a couple big drops and hill climbs.

    Speaking of hill climbs... a 125 in deep wet sand going up a sharp climb with no momentum piloted by an idiot who is trying to lug it like an XR... no bueno. Finally realized I needed to ignore the wheel spin (normal traction isn't happening) and just let it sing in 1st while sitting back on the seat and up and over we went! Got a little seat time on both a YZ125 and the new to the US for 2020 YZ125X. The X basically is a mild 125 from what I could feel? Maybe slightly more bottom (If it had 200% more low end torque than nothing, it's still not much) than the regular 125, but more more linear coming onto the pipe where the 125 just kinda skipped a range of revs jumping straight from bwaaa to AAAAA! I was too slow on either to feel for any differences in suspension setup, the X has a kickstand which was handy. Two finger clutch control is nice, a skill I need to work on, it started to click slightly in the woods.

    So, should there be a desire to play in a giant cat box, we have options now.

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