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street legal 2-strokes

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    Re: street legal 2-strokes

    IIRC 30w AC, not as much when rectified. I've not found any higher output setups for our machines.

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    Re: street legal 2-strokes


    I know I saw a 50W somewhere: Steahly - it's kinda odd to me. It's not a re-wound stator, it's just an extra coil bolted into the stock stator plate. Unrelated to ignition. Baja Designs will re-wind it up to 60W

    ***/ EDIT***

    otherwise, Cyclops helmet light it is! which is fine, because they are fantastic!

    so my buddy talked me into doing a "dual sport" ride from home:

    (it's just a rental)

    did a 230 mile "dual sport" loop from home:
    -80 miles of slab/pavement
    -25 miles of dirt through Temecula (horse/wine country - has several public/unpaved roads...some OG mx guys live out here w' mx tracks in their backyards)
    -20 miles of pavement back into town
    -20 miles of pavement to the base of the mountain peak
    -10 miles of dirt (rutted fire road)
    -70 miles of pavement home

    gearing was trail biased (14/52)

    I'll be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of 150 miles of 55-70mph (including some 10-15 miles of freeway sections) on the performance lightweight dual sport...fatigue/enjoyment ratio just wasn't there...the last 70 miles I was cooked and my butt was sore AsF...I'd rather just be comfortable and truck out...my current setup of fire road riding from home (30 mins til tires touch dirt) for C-level rides, then slab/truck 2 hours away for A-level all-day dirt bike desert rides, and camp/hotel if it's a 4 hour or more drive is fine all fine for me.

    the 500 EXC was awesome it DID have the excitement and power that the 350 lacked...going to try a 690 for a day, then maybe the 501

    And yes, I went full A-douched- vag, oops I mean ADV helmet.

    Fortnine reviews suggested that the Bell MX-9 ADV with the MIPS has slightly higher protection than the light weight Klim and overpriced XD4

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    Re: street legal 2-strokes

    tested out the re-packed muffler today

    first "vehicle exhaust system safety test ride" in over a month and it felt crazy fast up the hills revving it out

    the muffler is a little quieter, but now you can hear the engine more - sounds like I have piston slap

    more reason to swap in the ported cylinder/new piston

    stopped by one of the hill climbs that looked familiar

    I did it 6 years ago on a DR200

    I also saw the bike from behind on dirt - the edge of the rear fender flops around A LOT. that's why I've sacrificed so many license plates, tail lights, and holders...it has to go on top of the fender. I really liked the brightness of the DRC products, so I'm thinking phantom next:

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    Re: street legal 2-strokes

    local fire road has been open for about 2 weeks

    30 mins of pavement until I hit dirt - that's about all I would want to do for slab on the YZ ~60mph...14/48...I would actually try 13/48 for trails. I've seen some run 13/51

    Cyclops Helmet light won't ship until late June/early July...so I cruised back before sunset

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    Re: street legal 2-strokes

    I just ordered silencer packing for my 06 KTM. Noticed some oil around the head and pulled the expansion chamber. It's amazing how heat turns o-rings into square rings. Can't remember the last time I repacked the silencer. Wondering how much quieter it will be with those two updates.

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    Re: street legal 2-strokes

    Well two things I noticed:
    1.) a little more bottom end power
    2.) a little quieter on the bike, but the mid pipe still has that bell ringing effect
    3.) behind you - I let a friend ride ahead and within after a certain point I barely heard him. Not raspy and yelling at the person behind you like on an FMF shorty

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    Re: street legal 2-strokes

    just needed to unplug and get away for a bit

    DRC edge tail light is offically cooked

    calculated the mpg - was getting 33mpg...that is really not bad for a 2-stroke...imagine if I went lectron?

    need to do another clean/wipe down/fastener check day...and I really need to swap the swingarm and cylinder asap

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    1994 Yamaha YZ250 CA Street Legal 2-smoke :smoke: ** 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 500R **
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