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yes, I saw those!

LED tech has gotten remarkably good with excellent battery life...but with the variety of options, reviews help pick out the good from the bad

and yes I agree good LED bike headlight + good helmet light (turns with your head) = you can run baja

I sense you will be doing a night trail run in your trail system this fall/winter
The nice thing about the Niterider is the intuitive mode switching. Basically, you have 3 brightness levels, then you have 2 strobe settings. When the light is off, press and hold to turn it on. To turn it off, you press and hold for 7 seconds. Here's where it gets cool; when you turn it on it defaults to non-strobe. A quick press will toggle between high/med/low and back. If you want strobe, you have to hold for 3 seconds, then a quick press will toggle between the 2 strobe settings.

Anyway, what it boils down to is most of the time when I'm riding I ride with the light on low (10 hours of use) to conserve battery, I only crank it up to high (2 hours of use) when things are super sketchy or long fast sections. You can toggle between the modes with out fear of accidentally shutting the light off or turning it into an EDM party.

But yes, definitely planning on doing some night riding out back as that frosty bitch Mother Nature robs more and more precious vitamin D from us.