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Red Alert - an SV650!

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    Angry Red Alert - an SV650!

    Hi there, I need some input on my best course of action upgrading my '02 SV650s suspension.

    Here's the dilly up front: The front is already redone, and I am currently running forks with F3 internals there. They've actually been revalved with racetech gold valves apperently, but for the previous owner's weight. He was only 20lb heavier than I am, though. I didn't adjust the suspension settings at all since getting the bike.

    And here's the dilly in the back: Still the stock shock (ugh!). I've only started riding hard recently, and now it's a real peeve of mine, because whenever I throw the bike into a corner and get on the gas I feel like I'm on a pogo stick.

    Here are the options I've researched thus far:

    1. Aftermarket shock, likely a Penske. Only issue there is cost, I'm a poor college student, if I can gather up some $$ during the winter, I'll do this early spring.

    2. GSXR shock - Some people suggested this, but, it changes the geometry of the bike & raises the back end a bit. I'm short at 5'6" and can't flat-foot my bike as is, so I don't want to raise the back end. Thus, I'm not really inclined to go with this option.

    3. 636 Shock - This conversion apperently doesn't change the geometry of the bike significantly. Requires some alteration to the battery box (not really an issue). Though, I heard that it's sprung properly for heavier riders at 200lb+. I weigh 140-145lb nekkid, probably 155-160 geared up. I'm not sure what the costs entailed in respringing/revalving it are, etc.

    So, that's the situation. Any advice would be appreciated. I heard a lot of recommendations for Computrack in Bellingham, and that gmdboston on this board is who is in charge of this forum and the owner of that shop. And that he really knows his shit when it comes to bike suspensions

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    Red Alert - an SV650!

    Save your money for the Penske, I had on my SV, works great.

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    Red Alert - an SV650!

    Yep the Penske works great!

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    Red Alert - an SV650!

    You can find some Penske or Ohlins shocks on Ebay that fit 96-04 GSXR's and they will fit in and have all the adjustments. They are over sized, but that is what the chassis needs any way. I can sell you anew on e with your NESR discount for $697.50. I would not recomend a stock shock. None of them have the right valving or spring rate and you'll at least $400 deep so you might as well put that towards an new one.

    As for the forks, you may just want to get them serviced. Now is the best time of year because I'm too busy.

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