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Thumbs Up to Peter Kates

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    Thumbs Up to Peter Kates

    I want to thank Peter (GMD Computrack) for giving us a very thorough introduction on the fine art of motorcycle suspensions. For those of you who have never met Peter, this is a no BS guy who knows his stuff and is willing to share the knowledge. The information he passed on to us made my head swim. I'm sure that the rest of the folks who attended will agree with me.

    For anyone who thinks that their stock suspension is OK, invest some money into getting the suspension worked over. It'll make a night and day difference in the way your bike handles.

    Again, Peter, thanks. I can't wait for the next seminar.

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    Thumbs up Thumbs Up to Peter Kates

    I for one will most definitely agree.

    Thanks Peter for all the info that you provided and I will definitely be looking for the next one.

    Now to find the funds to have you work your magic on the FZR.

    Thanks again,


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    Thumbs Up to Peter Kates

    Yeah that seminar was great! Thanks for sharing the knowledge Peter. In my opinion the class was taught very well and clear with plenty of hands on learning.
    I as well highly suggest taking a look into attending one of these classes if you have not already.

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    Thumbs Up to Peter Kates

    Yes, this was an excellant seminar. Pete really knows this subject better than anyone I've ever met, and the fact that he is able to pass it on to us, the masses, is huge.
    I also urge anyone on this or any board to take advantage of this man's knowledge.
    I look forward to the next series of classes.
    Great job Pete! Thanks!

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    Thumbs Up to Peter Kates

    Thanks for the great reviews. I hope every body was able to learn somthing new. There will be a series this winter, with the next one some time in November. We will have a more hands on work shop on how to service forks and shocks as well as more details on how they work. Thanks again and I hope to every one at the next one.

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    Thumbs Up to Peter Kates

    I attended a small NESR suspension seminar this past winter and was amazed at what I walked away with. Great, laid back atmosphere that was incredibly informative. The word 'suspension' has taken on a whole new meaning to me...

    I'll be trying to sink my teeth into wunna this winter's seminars, time permitting. I'd highly suggest these to ANY ONE...

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