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Q's about tire services at VIR

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    Question Q's about tire services at VIR

    Will there be a vendor at VIR? If not, will there at least be someone to mount rubber (in case of rain)? Thanks.

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    Q's about tire services at VIR

    You should have rains already mounted on some spare wheels you cheap basterd.

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    Q's about tire services at VIR

    Don't worry Degsy has hired Dunlop for the day to sell and mount tires all FREE of charge.
    Have you ever heard of "If it rains your screwed"

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    Q's about tire services at VIR

    I'll look into it.


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    Q's about tire services at VIR

    If you guys need race tires, let me know.

    I will know within a few weeks the Spring Michelin blow-out program for all the Race 2's.

    I should be able to get you sets in the $150.00 range. H2's, M2's, S2's and Sport Cups.

    If you want rains, I do have plenty in stock and will do my best to get you some good deals on them.

    I will have Power Race's, too. But at track prices - $350.00 a set - not at old stock prices.

    PM me if you are interested.

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