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Airbag Vests - recommendations?

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    Re: Airbag Vests - recommendations?

    I had a deployment of my Helite Turtle on my way home from work a few weeks ago. An SUV merged into my lane and gave me a bump and I went down at maybe 25-30mph. No injuries, minimal damage to the bike, more rash/damage to my Aerostich than the Helite. $25 for a new CO2 cartridge and about 2-3 minutes with an Allen wrench and it was ready to ride again.

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    Re: Airbag Vests - recommendations?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_E_D View Post
    Nice setup.
    More versatile than the full race vest as its stand alone unit and has street/race mode. plus price point.

    First report is fitting into the suit is different, getting the vest to sit correctly is more of a process at this stage..

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